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Make real connections

Everyone loves a good story and every company has a story worth telling – we want to help you tell yours

At ETC, we create tailor made communications and marketing campaigns that are targeted to connect with your customer, inform, engage and drive sales or brand awareness.  We pride ourselves on campaigns that are impactful yet based on grounded thinking to guarantee that we meet client objectives and deliver results within budget.

We look at your objectives and then find the right media channels of distribution whether it is owned media (your own channels of distribution), earned (PR/social media engagement), or paid for (advertising).

We do not spray and pray – we select channels that are focused on your target demographic and business objectives.

Our Marketing/ Communications Services:

Marketing Manager Services

Do you need to outsource your marketing? We act as in-house marketing managers for many of our clients, and look after everything from strategy and budgets to PR, media buying, digital, social media, email campaigns, outdoor, website development, design, videography and so on, sometimes working with different agencies to ensure the best results.  If you need an interim marketing manager or are considering a hire, but are unsure if you need someone full time, then we might be able to help.


ETC is a cutting edge communications agency that connects consumer, corporate & travel brands with their target audiences through engaging PR.

We generate media coverage, influencer endorsements & audience engagement to deliver a real commercial advantage for our clients.

We are skilled at promoting our clients to make them as successful, honest, important, exciting and relevant as possible, and have excellent media relationships.

Each client’s needs are assessed individually and then our team devises smart, proactive public relations and influencer campaigns that exceed expectations.We also provide in-house press office support services.

Social Media

Do you need to outsource your business’s social media? At ETC we manage social media strategy, content creation, advertising and we manage communities.

Social media drives engagement, engagement drives loyalty, loyalty equates to sales. People expect to be able to connect and engage with brands and organisations through social these days.  It also gives you the opportunity to listen and analyse, influence what’s being said about you online, share your knowledge and stories, offer improved customer service, develop brand and employee loyalty, show your personality, and drive sales.  Let us help to take your social to the next level.


We can help you to get results across digital platforms including SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, Email campaigns, Facebook advertising, Mobile Advertising, Online PR and Social Media Promotions. The digital marketing world is complex and fast moving, so up-to-date knowledge is frequently the difference between success and failure.

Events and Experiential Marketing

We create, design, produce and deliver memorable events, from festivals and corporate events to product launches, brand sampling, gala dinners and live entertainment.

See our events services for more.

Content Creation

We are storytellers and can help deliver your message in an engaging way.  And as we live in a visual world, it’s no longer enough to just tell a story, so we help to visualise your message through video, photography, audio, graphics, presentations, and animation.

Creative Workshops

Do you need a think-in?  Sometimes clients can be so busy and focused on the day to day running of a business that they become blind to the real ‘golden nuggets’ within their company. If you need to inject some sparkle into your marketing activity, then we will host a creative think-in workshop for your team.

Consulting and Training

Are you looking for advice on how to bring your company to the next level?  We understand that budgets come in all sizes, so we are more than happy to work with you on a plan that can be implemented in-house.

Government Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services related to local government activities, particularly in the areas of Planning & Fire Regulation and Housing. We bring an in-depth knowledge of the procedural and statutory context in which these public services are delivered and regulated.